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Group Values

Group Values

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The Creditsafe Culture

At Creditsafe we believe that values aren't a set of feelgood marketing slogans that get posted on a website or left in a picture frame in reception. Values should be what we are and what we do. We take ours seriously and they've evolved as the company has grown. We believe that we can group these into four areas, and while some may seem more internal than external they all reflect who and what we are.

Be Challenging

In the future we believe there will only be two types of companies; the quick and the dead. In the ever changing environment of business, companies have to be quick on their feet to evolve with the times and adapt to the challenges ahead. We constantly want to improve and grow for our customers as we will continually challenge ourselves and the way we do things in order to achieve that goal.

Be Fair

We know life isn’t always fair, but we try our best to be on the fair side of it. You can see that in our data integrity and the transparent nature of our reports. You can also feel it in our workplaces, in a fast-moving environment where we nurture challenge; conflicts will always occur but it's essential that they remain intellectual and have positive outcomes. We strive to treat everyone with decency and respect since that's the only way to succeed.

Be Different

Our mission statement is that we want to ‘change the way business information is used’. We dare to be different because nobody wants to be a sheep, but also, how can anything ever improve if everyone keeps on doing the same thing? In our dynamic environment we make sure everyone loves what they do- after all, nobody wants to come in every day to a job they don’t like.

Be Courageous

We pride ourselves on pursuing our dreams and relishing in change, even with challenges in the way. Every business will encounter challenges; it’s how strong you come out the other end that matters. We’re not afraid to try new things… if you don’t try you’ll never achieve.


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