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Credit Risk Information

Credit Risk Information

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Creditsafe’s company credit reports are designed to provide both the experienced and first time user with information and solutions that are easy to understand, accurate and reliable. We pride ourselves on the quality of our information and its international reach. We have data on over 240 million companies worldwide obtained from a variety of official sources including registry and court data and we combine this with our own information and trade payment data and other information in the Creditsafe database to provide the most up to date company credit information in a concise and digestible format.

Traditionally, the cost and availability of credit reports meant that they tended to be the preserve of bigger businesses and were popularly seen as out of reach for start-ups and SME’s. Creditsafe strives to provide affordable information for all types of companies that will help them with all their business needs. Credisafe offers "freedom access" subscription packages to all our customers and always includes international access to allow all customers to get the information they need without having to worry about unexpected costs.

In addition, new developments such as Creditsafe's 3D Ledger portfolio management tool are enabling customers to effectively manage their customer and collection strategy and improve the effectiveness of their credit management teams.

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