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International Data

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In the global economy international borders are increasingly opportunities not barriers - and you need the same quality data wherever you're working.

Business is increasingly international and even your local customers and suppliers may well be part of a wider international grouping. At Creditsafe we recognise that our customers want ready easy access to information on companies throughout the world so we now offer a unique range of solutions that make doing international business less challenging, and give you more opportunities.  Our database contains real information on more than 240 million companies worldwide to always let you see the bigger international picture. and all Creditsafe customer product packages include at least some international reports as part of their offering.

Creditsafe runs its own operations in the UK, the USA, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Ireland with plans to open even more offices in the making and we offer a comprehensive range of detailed online solutions for each of our home markets.

Creditsafe delivers 99.9% of all international reports requested by our customers instantly online either from our own databases or via our international strategic partner network. If we don't hold the information requested we can immediately begin a fresh investigation and swiftly deliver a comprehensive report as soon as the information becomes available.

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