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Marketing Information

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Every business needs new customers to grow and our marketing data is a fantastic resource to help you find and target the companies you want. You can use our tools to find prospects who look like your customers or who may be interested in your new products.  You can then use our credit risk and financial data to help pre-qualify prospects and maximise the return on your marketing investment. Easy to use, high quality prospect solutions are allied to accurate reliable Data Cleaning products ensuring companies can both keep their data fresh and also maintain a constant analysis of their customer and prospect portfolios.

Our Marketing Prospects are not only local- we can offer you prospect building tools for most major European markets. So when you’re looking to further build your customer base - both at home and abroad - we have the solution for you.

In 2016 we began rolling out our newest product solution "Sales Joe" a unique sales and lead management system for business enabling organisations to build effective sales campaigns on the basis of company information from within Creditsafe's databases. For more information visit www.salesjoe.com

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