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By partnering with us you could help us expand our services and make them available in different places and formats while in return we can help expose you to a wide international and growing customer base or offer an effective and reliable route to the market with our B2B telesales operation.

The Creditsafe Group are always striving to improve and grow its product portfolio and the services that it offers to all its customers worldwide.

We believe that by developing effective partnerships with other companies, we can expand our expertise and make our solutions available in different ways and formats to customers further afield who are not currently benefiting from the Creditsafe solution.

We offer partners innovative solutions and an exceptionally effective and reliable route to market with our successful B2B telesales operation that is able to offer swift market penetration.

Our expanding international presence also gives us the opportunity to develop exciting partnerships with international companies to offer both a global and local experience for our customers.

If you are interested in working with us in any way please contact Group Chief Operating Officer Matthew Debbage for a confidential initial discussion. You can email Matthew at Matthew.Debbage@creditsafe.com.

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